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Northern Snakehead (Channa argus)

The Northern Snakehead or Channa argus is a species of Snakehead that is just like something out of a science fiction novel. This fish has even had a couple movies made about it including, Snakehead Terror and Frankenfish! After you take one look at the Northern Snakehead you might think, sure it's got razor sharp teeth, but what's the big deal. Well, this fish actually has the ability to walk on land! If that wasn't enough, they can live up to 3 days WITHOUT water! All of this along with the fact that they reproduce like rabbits makes the Northern Snakehead a dangerous invasive species. If you ever catch on of these fish in The United States kill it and report it to the DNR immediately!The Northern Snakehead isn't hated all over the world though, in places like Russia, China and Korea this species is kept in check by other predators. They are actually an important food source in these locations. Here in the states though, this fish is nothing but a ticking time bomb. These fish are on the top of the food chain here, and will easily decimate an entire ecosystem!As with other Snakeheads this fish can be identified by its long dorsal and anal fin. They also have very large jaws with razor sharp, shark like teeth. The bodies of these freshwater fish are brown with dark blotches on their sides and back. When these fish are first born their coloration is almost identical to when they grow up. This is a characteristic that is only found in this species of Snakehead. The largest Northern Snakehead on record was 60" (1.5 Meters) in length and weighed in at about 15lbs (7 kg). You can learn a little more about this species and the effects on the Potomac River in the video below...

If you have any additional information about the Northern Snakehead that you would like to share leave us a comment! You can also learn more about all the species of Snakeheads here!

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