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Gray Triggerfish (Balistes capriscus)

The Gray Triggerfish or Balistes capriscus is a species of Triggerfish that is often caught on a fishing line instead of in an aquarium, like a lot of other Triggers. These saltwater fish can weigh up to 13 pounds (5.9 kg) and can grow to about 30 inches (76 cm) in maximum length. They can live for about 13 years and go by a few different names including Leatherjacket, Filefish, Turbot and Pig Faced. Found in the Western Atlantic Ocean, Gulf Of Mexico and the Mediterranean Sea in relatively shallow waters these fish are normally spotted in less than 180 feet (55 meters).

Gray Triggerfish have tough, leathery skin with two dorsal fins. They have spines on their dorsal fins that they use as defense. When threatened these fish will find a tight crevice in which they will wedge themselves. Their spines will lock into place and help them anchor in place.
If you have been lucky enough to catch and eat a Gray Triggerfish, you know just how delicious they are whether smoked, fresh or salted. Gray Triggerfish will normally feed on crabs, shrimp, sand dollars, sea stars and sea cucumbers. This saltwater fish has actually developed an interesting way of uncovering food. The Gray Triggerfish will shoot a stream of water at the sandy bottom to uncover sand dollars hidden underneath. If they don't find anything they will simply move a few feet and blow again until they find their next meal.  You can check out the Gray Triggerfish in the video below... 

Many different fish feed on the Gray Triggerfish including Amberjacks, Grouper, Marlin, Sharks, Tuna, Dolphinfish and Sailfish. If you have any questions or additional information about the this Triggerfish please leave a comment.

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