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Guadalupe Bass (Micropterus treculii)

The Guadalupe Bass or Micropterus treculii is a freshwater fish that is often found in flowing waters almost exclusively in the state of Texas where it is the official state fish.  Also known as the Black Bass, this fish is green in color and can be differentiated from its close relative the Smallmouth Bass by the lack of vertical bars across its body.  You can tell the difference between this fish and the Largemouth Bass by its jaw.  The jaw of the Guadalupe Bass doesn't extend beyond the eyes like the Largemouth Bass.  It can be particularly tricky to tell the difference between the Spotted Bass.  Just watch the coloration, the Guadalupe Bass's colors extend much lower on their bodies than the color of the Spotted Bass.

This species of Bass does not grow very large because of their habitat.  Often caught in small streams these fish can only grow to about 4lbs.  They reproduce rather quickly though, becoming sexually mature at just one year old.  Guadalupe Bass will spawn in the months of March through June.  Building a gravel nest, they will lay up to 9,000 eggs in shallow waters. The males will keep guard of the nest until the eggs hatch.  You can see the Guadalupe Bass underwater in the video below...    

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