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Weeksii Bichir (Polypterus weeksii)

The Weeksii Bichir or Polypterus weeksii is a rather odd looking creature that looks more like a snake than a freshwater fish.  Originating in the Congo in Africa, this fish from the Polypteridae family has since made its way into the aquarium trade.  As you can see in the pictures, they have a large head and black banding on their bodies.   
Also known as the Mottled Bicher and the Fatheaded Bicher, this fish has a long skinny body that can reach lengths of over 1-1/2'.  Like the Snakehead and the African Lungfish, the Weeksii Bichir has the ability to survive OUTSIDE of water for short periods of time.  Even though they aren't the prettiest fish to look at, many people still keep them as pets.  An aquarium of at least 70 gallons is recommended with the following water conditions, 77-83° F, KH 1-12 and pH 6.5-7.5.  Make sure you have a nice tight lid and plenty of hiding spots or caves.  Weeksii Bichir are carnivorous fish that should be fed live feeder fish as well as other meaty foods including beef heart.   You can see these fish in an aquarium setting in the video below...

If you have any additional information or questions about the Weeksii Bichir please leave us a comment.

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