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Tiger Shark

The Tiger Shark or Galeocerdo cuvier gets its name from its dark vertical stripes found mainly on younger Tiger Sharks. As these fish begin to mature their lines tend to fade. This salt water fish can live over 50 years in tropical waters across the world. The Tiger Shark grows as large as 15' and almost 2000lbs! They are considered a very dangerous, in fact the Tiger Shark is the second most dangerous shark in the world only to the Great White! The Tiger Shark is not a picky eater, it has been know to consume salt water fish of all types, sea turtle, sea snakes, seals, stingrays, squids and even garbage like tires. They have sharp, serrated teeth and very powerful jaws that can crack right through a sea turtle's or clam's hard shell. You can see a Tiger Shark in action in the video below...

The Tiger Shark is found at depths of 0 to 300 meters below the surface which makes them all the more dangerous!  Just look at those chompers!!!

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