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Brown Trout (Salmo trutta)

The Brown Trout or Salmo trutta is a very close relative of the Atlantic Salmon and is just one of the many different species of Trout. Brown Trout have two dorsal fins with a square tongue and large teeth. They have dark, red or orange spots that cover most of their bodies with a much lighter underbelly. Unlike many other freshwater fish their tails are not forked and do not contain spots like the Rainbow Trout. You can check out a Brown Trout for yourself underwater in the video below...

Brown Trout originate from Europe and Western Asia, but were introduced into places like Michigan and New York in the late 1800s. Since then they have become established in all of the upper Great Lakes. Brown Trout are often found in shallow waters around weed beds and rocky areas. When spawning though in September and October they are found in streams and rivers where they spawn in gravel or rocky spots. The female Brown Trout will create a "redd" where they lay their eggs and have the males fertilize them. After the eggs are fertilized the female will cover this "redd" with gravel to protect them.Brown Trout will often feed on insects, larvae, crustaceans, amphibians, and small fish. They can live to about 13 years old and can grow to over 40lbs! In fact, the world record Brown Trout was caught very recently in September of 2009 in the Manistee River. This Brown Trout weighed in at an amazing 41 lb 7 oz! One of the most popular ways to fish for Brown Trout is to fly fish for them is in rivers during the spawning season. If you have any additional information about the Brown Trout including fishing tips and recipes please let us know!

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