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Clown Frogfish (Antennarius maculatus)

The Clown Frogfish or Antennarius maculatus is just one of the over 45 different species of Frogfish that inhabit our oceans. This saltwater fish goes by a few different names including the Wartskin Angler, Warty Frogfish or Wartskin Frogfish. As you can see in the pictures this fish looks a lot like a rock or even a piece of coral. This disguise makes it harder for potential predators to spot it.

The coloration of the Clown Frogfish can vary by quite a bit. Some are brown or red, others yellow or purple and even a few white ones. You see, this fish actually has the ability to change its colors to blend in with whatever the colors of its habitat might be. They are not particularly large fish grow to only about 6" in maximum length. Like other Frogfish this fish can actually walk along the bottom using its fins as legs! Clown Frogfish are often kept in an aquarium setting. They are not the hardest to care for and require a tank of about 20 gallons or more. These fish are well suited for a reef aquarium. They should be fed saltwater feeder shrimp as first to help them become accustom to the aquarium. After a bit they will eat a normal carnivorous diet. The following water conditions are acceptable for this fish, 72-78° F, dKH 8-12, pH 8.1-8.4 and sg 1.020-1.025. You can check out the Clown Frogfish along with a few other creatures in the video below...

In the wild this Frogfish will ambush its prey by using its camouflage and lying very still. When its dinner gets a bit too close this fish will grab it and swallow it whole! Their mouths are quite large so they can accommodate a fish almost its own size! Since the Clown Frogfish has no real teeth it lets the juices digest its prey whole.


Anonymous said...

Well... That video was pretty cool, and as it TURNS OUT, some of the information I'd gathered from other websites was different from the info here. Not super different, but you know... I guess the other sites were wrong?
Still luv ya!

Rick said...

The filming at Bali, diving, is so fantastic I have no words for it, it made me cry several times. It is a miracle, nature´s product and filming it so well, the music very appropriate.
Rick, from Buenos Aires

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