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Hexazon Barb (Puntius pentazona)

The Hexazon Barb or Puntius pentazona is a freshwater Barb that is best kept in a school of five or more fish. Also known as the Five Banded Barb this fish has a gold coloration with five dark bars that run vertically down its body.  This species is easily confused with the Tiger Barb.

Hexazon Barbs are notoriously easy to care for in a freshwater aquarium. They only grow to about 2" in length, so a small aquarium of about 25 gallons is acceptable with the following water conditions, 74-79° F, KH 4-10 and pH 6.0-7.0. An aquarium with plants, room for swimming and a couple hiding spots will keep these fish happy and healthy. Breeding the Hexazon Barb in an aquarium is possible, simply transfer the pair into a breeding tank with gravel substrate. Once they have laid their eggs, remove the two parents and in only a day the fry will hatch. When the Hexazon Barb is just hatched it should be fed baby brine shrimp. As it gets a little older it will be able to consume an omnivorous diet consisting of flake food, freeze-dried bloodworms and tubiflex as well. You can check out just how fast they are in an aquarium in this video!

They are a very inexpensive starter fish and will certainly entertain you with their antics.  If you have any additional information about the Hexazon Barb please leave us a comment below.

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