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Blind Shark (Brachaelurus waddi)

Blind Shark (Brachaelurus waddi) is one of the two species of Carpet Sharks from the Brachaeluridae family. Despite their name, these sharks are not blind, but instead get their name from the fact that they tend to close their eyes when outside of water.

Blind Sharks are found off the Eastern coast of Australia in waters of up to 460' (140 m). These sharks are nocturnal feeders and are often found in seagrass beds or around rocky formations. They will normally dine on any and all invertebrates and a variety of bony fishes. This species can live for up to 18 hours out of water, allowing it to survive being stranded by the outgoing tide.
Like other sharks they are ovoviviparous and normally give birth during the summer months.  They will produce a litter of up to eight pups.  You can check out the Blind Shark in action in the video below...

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