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Hickory Shad (Alosa mediocris)

The Hickory Shad or Alosa mediocris is a fish that can survive both freshwater and saltwater from the Clupeidae family of Herring.  It goes by a few different names including Fall Herring, Bonejack, Shad Herring and the Freshwater Taylor.  These fish are long and slender reaching about 2' in length and weighing up to 6lbs.  This fish has an oblique mouth and a lower jaw that sticks out further then its upper jaw.   

The Hickory Shad spends the majority of its life in the ocean.  Once it matures it returns to the freshwater streams and rivers in which it was born to spawn in the spring and summer months.  Once these fish hatch they will often make their way to the sea in the fall and early winter.   You can learn a bit more about Hickory Shad in the video below.

They are found exclusively on the Atlantic coast of North America and is often found in schools.  They will feed on small fish, squid, fish eggs, crustaceans and crabs.  If you have any additional information about the Hickory Shad please leave us a comment below.


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