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Royal Gramma (Gramma loreto)

The Royal Gramma or Gramma loreto is just one of three known species of saltwater fish in the Grammidae family. The Royal Gramma is a cave-dwelling fish that is found in the Western Atlantic Ocean. These fish grow to about 5" (130mm) in length and are made up of a beautiful combination of purple and yellow.

Royal Gramma are sometimes kept in an aquarium setting, but do not get along very well with others when kept in small aquariums. They do best in a large tank with many soft corals and hiding spots. The Royal Gramma should be gradually exposed to brighter lights. It can be fed a variety of foods included flake food as well as frozen and live marine foods.
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Anonymous said...

Where is the Royal Gramma fish commonly located?

1Green Thumb said...

Their natural range covers the Bahamas, Venezuela and the Lesser Antilles.

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