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Majestic Snapper (Symphorichthys spilurus)

The Majestic Snapper or Symphorichthys spilurus is a beautiful saltwater fish from the Lutjanidae family of Snappers.  They can be easily identified by their extremely long dorsal and anal fins.  They also have horizontal blue and yellow stripes that run down their bodies.  Another distinguishing characteristic of this species of Snapper is a black blotch that is found near their tail and two black bars crossing their heads.
Majestic Snappers are found in the Pacific ocean and can grow to about 12" in length.  They make a very good aquarium fish due to their peaceful temperament and brightly colored bodies.  Like other Snappers, they are carnivores that should be fed a variety of meaty foods. These fish are very fast growers and should be kept in a large aquarium of at least 180 gallons.  They are also known as Hifin Snapper, Blue-lined Sea Bream and the Sailfin Snapper.  You can check out the Majestic Snapper in the Pacific Ocean in the video below.

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