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Asfur Angelfish

The Asfur Angelfish or Pomacanthus asfur is also known as the Arabian Angelfish, or Crescent Angelfish. It is a popular aquarium fish because of its bright coloration and its hardy nature and easy care level. This species of Angelfish was originally discovered in the Red Sea, but also found in the Indo-Pacific. Watch out if you are thinking about keeping this fish as a pet, they can be very aggressive toward its own species, unless paired. The Asfur Angelfish feeds mainly on sponges and tunicates in the wild, and greens, pellets, mussels, shrimp, algae, romaine lettuce and flakes in an aquarium setting. This salt water fish can grow to 16" in length and should be kept in a tank that is at least 135 gallons.

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