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Yellow Perch (Perca Flavescens)

The Yellow Perch or Perca Flavescens is best known for its tastiness and is one of the most popular Panfish. This freshwater fish is often found in schools, so it is also very easy to catch. Once you have found one, mostly like there is more in the waters below. Most Yellow Perch are around 6" but some have been reported to be almost 2' long and weighing in at 4lbs. The larger Yellow Perch are often known as Jumbo Perch. These fish are found mainly throughout The United States and Canada. They can easily be caught using minnows or small small worms. Just use a sinker as these fish are often found close to the bottom. About 20' down in the summertime, but depending on the weather these Yellow Perch can be found in shallow areas as well. If you have any Perch fishing tips or recipes please share them in the comments below...

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