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Viper Fish (Chauliodus sloani)

The Viper Fish or Chauliodus sloani is one of the most vicious of the deep sea fish on planet earth.  They have razor sharp fang-like teeth that are so long they won't even fit inside of their mouths! This carnivorous fish actually impales its prey with these sharp teeth with lighting quickness. Like some other deep sea creatures including the Angler Fish, the Viper Fish uses bioluminescence to attract its meals. This basically means they have an organ that lights up in the dark depths to attract attention. In the dark depths even the smallest amount of light can be detected and food is very hard to come by. This fish is relatively small fish and only grows to about 1' in length. They can be found at depths exceeding 8000'. If you have any more information you would like to add about the Viper Fish please do so in the comments below...

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