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Parrot Fish

The Parrot Fish is a very colorful saltwater fish that has over 90 different known species and is part of the Scaridae family which are close relatives to Wrasses. This unbelievable fish can actually change genders, that's right, it doesn't even have to pay for the sex change! If a dominant male of this species dies off, a female can actually transform into a male Parrot Fish! The biggest Parrot Fish can grow up to 4' and all of them are known for their parrot-like mouth which they use to feed of coral. They are normally found in shallow waters many places around the world.  Certain species of Parrot Fish have the ability to envelope themselves in a transparent cocoon made of mucous secreted from an organ on their head. Experts agree that the cocoon masks their scent, making them harder for nocturnal predators like the Moray Eel to locate. You can check out a Parrot Fish in a mucus bubble in the video below...

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