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The Shubunkin or Carassius auratus is a singled tail Goldfish that originated in China. This freshwater fish is very hardy and is filled with white, black, red and orange blotches much like the Koi. A perfect beginner fish this is one of the easiest fish to take care of. They do not need an extremely large tank and don't require a heater either which makes them all the more popular. The Shubunkin Fish is also called the Speckled Goldfish or the Harlequin Goldfish. When this fish spawns it can have over 1,000 eggs and only take about a week to hatch. This fish should be fed small live foods or flakes. The fish will eat plant roots so be sure your plants are covered with rocks to protect them. The Shubunkin fish can grow just over 1' in length when kept in a large aquarium or pond.

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