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American Eel (Anguilla rostrata)

The American Eel or Anguilla rostrata is commonly found on the East coast of North America. This Eel plays a very important part in keeping our oceans and rivers clean by consuming dead fish, invertebrates, carrion, insects and lots of other "garbage". Although not commonly eaten, these fish are quite good from what I have heard. The largest ever American Eel that was ever caught was 9.25 pounds. The female of this species can lay over 4 million eggs. Apparently that takes a lot out of them, because the female will die after the egg laying process is complete. These fish have a strange feeding ritual, they hold the food in their mouths and then spin their bodies to break apart their dinner. The American Eel is a catadromous fish which means the fish is born in the ocean, matures in the fresh water and then returns to the ocean to spawn.

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