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Gulper (Eurypharynx pelecanoides)

The Gulper fish or Eurypharynx pelecanoides is a deep sea fish with a huge mouth. This strange looking deep sea creature is also known as the Umbrellamouth Gulper or the Pelican Eel. It has a hinged jaw that it uses to engulf its prey and then keeps them in a pouch like jaw, much like the Pelican. These fish grow to about 2' in length and are found at depths greater than 6500 feet! Like other deep sea fish, including the Angler fish, the Gulper fish has a luminescent lure built in to its tail. Gulpers will waves this light in front of its mouth to attract potential prey. When they come close enough it lunges and simply opens its mouth. The water and the meal rush into its enormous mouth. The water then drains out and the fish has its dinner. To see the Gulper Fish in action check out this video below...


Unknown said...

Where is the carangidae or trevally family????

1Green Thumb said...

We will try to do that soon... There sure are a lot of different fish out there : )

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