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Spinner Shark (Carcharhinus brevipinna)

The Spinner Shark or Carcharhinus brevipinna is normally found in the Western Atlantic Ocean and is commonly seen in off the coast of Florida. This shark gets its name because it is often seen jumping out of the water in a spinning motion. When hunting it will just open its mouth and swim right through a school of fish, jumping out of the water! They often feed on sardines, herrings, small sharks and rays. It is often mistaken for the Blacktip Shark, but is distinguished by the dark tip on its anal fin. The Spinner Shark is gray-bronze in color with a white belly. This shark is often found in schools and grows to about 6' on average. The largest Spinner Shark recorded was 9.8 feet (3 m) and a maximum weight of 198 pounds (89.7 kg). This shark is not considered dangerous to human although there have been a few reported attacks, there haven't been any reported fatalities. To see a Spinner Shark bite in action check out the video below...

Find out why they call them Spinner Sharks in the next video...

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