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Spotted Wobbegong Shark (Orectolobus maculatus)

The Spotted Wobbegong Shark or Orectolobus maculatus is just one of the eight different kinds of Wobbegong Sharks. This shark can reach about 3 meters or 10 feet in length and is often found blending into the ocean bottom waiting for its prey. This fish is nocturnal, which simply means that it hunts at night. Humans will occasionally be bitten by these sharks, but only when provoked. In fact, most of the bites occur when a human accidental steps on this well camouflaged creature, much like the very dangerous Stonefish. These salt water fish are a kind of Carpet Shark that is normally found off the Western Coast of Australia, so watch out if you are vacationing in that area. The Spotted Wobbegong Shark is dark back, with light O-shaped markings obscuring darker saddles. This makes it very difficult to spot so be careful and keep your eyes open! The teeth of the spotted wobbegong are described as enlarged fangs; they are long, slender, and sharp. There are two lateral rows in the upper jaw and three lateral rows in the lower jaw. This fish is ovoviviparous with up to 37 pups in a litter. This fish is eaten and from what I understand quite tasty. Also human use this fish's skin as leather for clothing and other items.

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