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Cuvier Bichir (Polypterus senegalus)

The Cuvier Bichir fish or Polypterus senegalus is an evolutionary marvel. Like other Bichir Fish they can actually survive outside of water for short periods of time. It has a lung-like swim bladder and gills which help it accomplish this amazing feat. For this reason it is a popular freshwater aquarium fish. The Cuvier Bichir fish is known for its strange appearance as well. It looks more like a snake or an eel than a fish. Cuvier Bichir fish grow to about 1' in length, so a tank of at least 100 gallons is recommended. This fish is also known as Senegal Bichir, Gray Bichir, or Dragonfin. A carnivore, this fish should be fed brine shrimp or bloodworms, occasionally pellets will work as well. These fish should only be kept with larger passive fish as they will eat pretty much anything they can fit into their mouths. Also be sure to have a tight lid on the top, because they are prone to jumping and will try if given the opportunity.

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