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Arctic Charr (Salvelinus alpinus)

The Arctic Charr or Salvelinus alpinus not only has the ability to survive in both freshwater and saltwater, but it also can survive EXTREME cold.  Living farther north then any other known fish, these edible fish are native to the Arctic and Sub-Arctic areas.  They have also been reported in deep, cold glacial lakes in Scotland, Iceland and even Siberia, where they are known as Golets. Other names including Charr, Blueback Trout, Ilkalupik, Martson Trout, Quebec Red Trout, Silver Trout, Sunapee Trout, and White Trout.  They can weigh in at about 20lbs maximum. 

Arctic Charr are part of the Salmon and Trout family Salmonidae sharing a lot of the same characteristics. They are usually dark with a lighter belly. Their tail's are forked, and during spawning these fish will become brightly colored. Turning pink or orange on their bellies, with blue or brown backs. Their fins will also be brightly colored during the spawning process.

Arctic Charr are commercially farmed and easily caught in the wild as well. Once caught or bought it at the store, you will find out that the Arctic Charr has a delicious flavor. The Monterey Bay Aquarium "Seafood Watch" program has recently added farmed Arctic char as an environmentally sustainable Best Choice for consumers, stating: "Arctic char use only a moderate amount of marine resources for feed. In addition, Arctic char are farmed in land-based, closed systems that minimize the risk of escape into the wild."  You can watch some Arctic Charr underwater below in the video.

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