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Red Tail Barracuda (Acestrorhynchus falcatus)

The Red Tail Barracuda or Acestrorhynchus falcatus is a vicious predator that is related to both Tetras and Piranhas.  It has many different names throughout the world including the Dog Characin, Freshwater Barracuda, Spotted Cachorro, and the Amazon Cachorro.  Just like its close relative the Great Barracuda, this fish has a long thin body with sharp teeth that are easily seen with the naked eye. The Red Tail Barracuda gets its name from, you guessed it, its bright red tail. They can grow to about 15" in overall length and can be kept with other large predatory fish or in schools if you have a very large tank. They are notoriously fast predators, striking their prey with amazing speed!  You can check out a couple Red Tail Barracuda feeding in the video below...

If you are thinking of purchasing this species of Barracuda be sure you have a large tank, at least 90 gallons with lots of open space for swimming. These fish will often be seen near the top of the aquarium, and do have a tendency to jump out if you don't have a tight fitting lid. The following water conditions are acceptable for this freshwater fish, 76-82° F, KH 8-15, and pH 6.8-7.4. It has been said that keeping driftwood in the aquarium will help maintain these levels.  Tankmates could include similar sized predators, Plecos and CatfishRed Tail Barracuda are carnivores that should be fed a variety of food including live feeder fish, worms, insects and small crustaceans.  If you have any additional information ab out the Red Tail Barracuda please leave us a comment below.

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