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Zander (Sander lucioperca)

Zander or Sander lucioperca is a species of freshwater fish that has a spiny dorsal fin, much like that of the Perch. It also resembles the Pike with its long body and large head. For this reason, they are often known as Pike-Perch. Zanders have large gripping teeth on their upper and lower jaws. Behind that is a set of smaller teeth that give this fish one mean look! You can watch the Zander underwater in the video below...

Zander fish are often found in murky waters in many places across Europe, where they wait for an unsuspecting prey to swim by. There mouths aren't quite as large as the Pike and they tend to feed on smaller fish like Roach and Gudgeon. Although there have been documented cases of Zanders attacking humans, like the one in the Swiss Lake, Lac Majeur. This rarely happens and just leaves a nasty bite mark. These fish will normally spawn in the months of March and April. Zanders will choose a protected spot like a underwater tree stump, branches or somewhere with reeds. Once hatched, these fish growing quite quickly, but have a relatively short life. They can reach about 20lbs. If you catch this fish they are edible and are even said to rival the Walleye in taste.

If you have any fishing tips or recipes for the Zander leave them below!

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