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Round Whitefish (Prosopium cylindraceum)

The Round Whitefish or Prosopium cylindraceum is a just one of the few different species of Whitefish. This freshwater fish is found in the upper parts of North America including the Great Lakes. Round Whitefish are normally not much larger that 20" and can weigh in at 3lbs. These fish are bottom feeders that eat fish eggs, insects, and crustaceans. You can tell this species apart from other Whitefish by a single flap that exists between the nostrils.

Round Whitefish go by many different names including Pilot Fish, Round Fish, Menominee and Frost Fish. These fish have silver underbellies with a olive brown sides. Like so many other fish on our planet they were once very populous throughout North America, but their numbers have decreased dramatically due to habitat destruction, climate change and overfishing. The State of New York has even gone as far as listing them as an endangered species.

Spawning occurs in the fall normally in November or December. They will choose an area that is rocky like a shoal or sometimes at the mouths of rivers. Their eggs take a long time to hatch, as long as 140 days! Once they hatch, the young Whitefish will grow to almost 5 inches in the first year of their lives. Round Whitefish will reach sexual maturity at around 4 and can live for about 13 years.
Round Whitefish like all other species of Whitefish are considered to be one of the finest tasting freshwater fish in the world with a light mild flavor. If you have any fishing tips or recipes for the Round Whitefish that you would like to share please leave us a comment!

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