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Gelatinous Snailfish (Liparis fabricii)

The Gelatinous Snailfish or Liparis fabricii is one of the few kinds of saltwater fish that can survive the cold waters of the Arctic Ocean. These fish can grow to about 20 cm (8 in) and they can be distinguished from other Snailfish by they fact that they have more than 36 anal fin rays. As you can see, they have large eyes and primitive unlobed teeth in the inner portions of their mouth.
Gelatinous Snailfish are normally found not much more than 10 miles or so from the shore at a wide range of depths from 20–1,880 meters. These fish feed on crustaceans and small amphipods and fall prey to other larger fish like the Atlantic Cod. The one pictured above is a juvenille.

Little more is known about the strange bottom dwelling Gelatinous Snailfish, but if you have an additional information you think is relavant please leave a comment...

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