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Gold Algae Eater (Gyrinocheilus aymonieri)

The Gold Algae Eater or Gyrinocheilus aymonieri is one of the best defenses against the build up of algae in an aquarium. This freshwater fish has a beautiful golden yellow body that grows to about 1' in length. They have a silver underbelly and a horizontal line that runs down their sides. Another variation of this species with the same scientific name is the Chinese algae eater. These tend to be more brown than gold and is pictured below.The mouth of this fish has evolved into a suckermouth, this allows them to cling onto objects using their mouths. This trait helps in fast moving waters, and keeps them close to where the food is. They also have gill slits that they use to breath. Water enters in one end and exits in the other without them opening their mouths. You can watch the Gold Algae Eater in an aquarium setting in the video below...

First discovered in Northern India, this fish has become quite popular in an aquarium setting due to its beautiful coloration, but mostly for the fact that they help keep tanks algae free. If you are thinking of picking up a Gold Algae Eater for your tank make sure you have enough room. About a 40 gallon tank is recommended with the following water conditions, 74-79° F, KH 8-10 and pH 6.8-7.4. As with many other fish, providing plants and places to hide will keep this fish happy and healthy.

The Gold Algae Eater can become more aggressive in a smaller tank, and should be kept with caution with Discus Fish and Angelfish. A great thing about these freshwater fish is that they don't need a lot of food, they will munch on the algae that develops on plants, rocks and the glass itself in the aquarium. You should also feed them algae based wafers when there is a lack of algae.

If you have any additional information or aquarium stories about this algae eater please leave us a comment below.

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