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Sockeye Salmon (Oncorhynchus nerka)

The Sockeye Salmon or Oncorhynchus nerka is commonly found in the Pacific Ocean. Like other species of Salmon, they are anadromous which means that they spend most of their lives in saltwater, but return to freshwater to breed. Also known as the Red Salmon and the Blueback Salmon, this species can survive in landlocked areas where it is referred to as Kokanee. These fish can reach lengths of about 33" and can weigh up to about 14lbs. They have a torpedo shaped body with an adipose fin.
Like the Coho Salmon their body's coloration turns to a bright red with a green head when they are spawning. Females of this species can have yellow or green marks on their bodies. Both sexes will have a dark stripe on their sides as well. Males with develop a hump on their back and their jaw becomes hooked just like the Coho Salmon. After their fry are born the will spend as little as one day or as long as four years in freshwater before making their way to the ocean.   Kokanee though actually spend their entire lives in freshwater, but don't get as large as the traditional saltwater fish of the same species. You can check out the Sockeye Salmon traveling upriver in the video below...

Sockeye Salmon will often feed on plankton or small shrimp. They are considered to be one of the tastiest of the Salmon, but unfortunately are consider endangered like so many fish on our planet. Overfishing, destruction of habitat and sea live have been blamed for their declining populations. If you have any additional information about Sockeye Salmon please share with the world...

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