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Rainbow Runner (Elagatis bipinnulata)

The Rainbow Runner or Elagatis bipinnulata is a fish that is found in many places around the world, at various depths in tropical, and subtropical waters. They go by several different names depending on your location including the Spanish Jack, Hawaiian Salmon and the Rainbow Yellowtail. This species of saltwater Jack can become quite large, growing to almost 6' (180cm) in length and weighing in at 101lbs (46kg).

As you can see in the video above, Rainbow Runners are often found in schools and have long compressed bodies with a pointed head and snout. They have two dorsal fins and small eyes for the size of their bodies. This fish is a close relative of the Amberjack, but can be differentiated by their vivid coloration. Rainbow Runners upper half is a dark blue or green, which fades to white as you reach their underbellies. These fish have two blue stripes that run horizontally down their sides. In between these two stripes is another stripe, this one yellow or olive in color. These fish are quite the sporting fish, offering fantastic runs displaying their speed and strength. Various fishing methods are used, but trolling is said to work best for these quick movers. Once caught these fish are edible and have a pleasant flavor, not the best in the ocean, but certainly far from the worst.

If you have any additional information about Rainbow Runners, including fishing tips or recipes please leave us a comment.

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