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Porbeagle Shark (Lamna nasus)

The Porbeagle Shark or Lamna nasus is found in the cooler water of the Northern and Southern Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. These sharks are normally found in coastal waters, but are hardly ever spotted these days. This is because the Porbeagle Shark is critically endangered and some fear that this species will soon become extinct. You can learn a bit more about why these Porbeagle Sharks are so close to extinction in the video below...

Porbeagle Sharks can be differentiated from other sharks by a white patch that in at the back of their dorsal fin. It also has two keels on its caudal fin. These sharks are quite large growing to 12 feet (3.7m) and can weigh as much as 550lbs (250kg)! They will often feed on Mackerel, Herring and even Lancetfish. We reproducing these shark are ovoviviparous and will normally have about 4 pups which take about as long as a human baby to develop.
Considered to be one of the fastest sharks in the world, the Porbeagle can jump all the way out of the water and is considered to be quite social with other Porbeagles. In fact, this shark will actually play tag with others passing around seaweed or driftwood much like dolphins. Even though these fish are edible make sure you don't eat them until they are taken off the endangered species list. Please do your part to keep our oceans healthy and full of life!

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