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Candiru asu

The Candiru asu is one of the most vicious scavengers on the planet. This freshwater fish is found in the Amazon River and will devour pretty much anything that has flesh. They are actually a species of Catfish that has a circle shaped mouth that is full of sharp teeth. These teeth tear apart it victim with ease and leave behind a bullet like hole.

If a school of these fish across a carcass, they will devour it in just a matter of minutes. Just check out the video below to see the Candiru asu in action...

Candiru asu, like the saltwater Hagfish, will literally eat its meals from the inside out. Burrowing into the flesh and chowing down on the organs. There are even reports of human bodies being found in the Amazon River with hundreds of Candiru asu inside! Some believe that this fish will attack, while other insist that it is only a scavenger. Even though they only grow to about 6" in length, they make up for this in numbers much like the Piranha. If you think the Candiru asu is bad, you should check out the plain old Candiru! It will actually swim up a man's penis and attach itself if they are urinating in the water!

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