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Nile Perch (Lates niloticus)

The Nile Perch or Lates niloticus is a massive freshwater fish that can grow to over 6' (2m) in length and can weigh up to 530lbs (200kg)! These fish can be identified by their dark black eyes that have a yellow outer ring. Their bodies are silver with a bluish tint.Nile Perch are found in a few different places including Lake Maryut, Lake Chad, Lake Turkana, Lake Nasser, Volta, Nile, Congo, Senegal and Niger. They go by a few different names depending on where in the world you are. Victoria Perch, African Snook, Capitaine, and Luo are just a few. Nile Perch are vicious predators that will dominate and potentially destroy an ecosystem. For this reason, they are considered an invasive species and should never be released into a foreign ecosystem.

Nile Perch will often feed on Cichlids, crustaceans, insects, small fish and even their own kind! That's right, like the Northern Pike, these fish are cannibals! As you can imagine with this fish's amazing size and strength, they are a favorite among anglers and are considered to be one of the hardest trophy fish to catch. You can check out these edible fish for yourself in the video below...

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