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Polar Eelpout (Lycodes polaris)

The Polar Eelpout or Lycodes polaris is just one of the over 200 different species of Eelpouts. These saltwater fish get their names from their Eel-like appearance. They have dorsal and anal fins that are continuous with their caudal fin, this makes them easily confused with Eels.

Polar Eelpouts are found in the frigid waters of the Arctic Ocean in depths of up to 300 meters. Often found on the sandy bottom these fish will bury themselves in the sand, tail fish with their head exposed. They can be distinguished from other Eelpouts by their tan body that has 9-11 dark bands that run vertically down its body. These are not always noticeable and sometimes this species can be rather pale.Polar Eelpouts well feed on a variety of creatures including shrimp, Arctic Cod, isopods, brittle stars and amphipods. They can live for about 5 years and will spawn in the fall or early winter laying eggs on the bottom. If you have any additional information about Pole Eelpouts leave us a comment.

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