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Dalmatian Molly (Poecilia latipinna)

The Dalmatian Molly or Poecilia latipinna is also known as the Marbled Molly and has the ability to survive in freshwater or saltwater. This species of Molly is a hybrid version of the Sailfin Molly which has the same scientific name. As you can imagine, this hybrid version is black and white, much like a Dalmatian Dog.

The Dalmatian Molly is a fairly hardy and inexpensive fish to house in an aquarium. They only grow to about 5" in maximum length, so an aquarium of about 30 gallons or more should do the trick. The following water conditions in an tank with lots of plants are recommended, 68-82° F, KH 10-25, pH 7.0-7.8. This aquarium fish in an omnivore that should be fed a variety of food including, bloodworms, tubifex, brine shrimp and flake food. They work very well in a community tank with other peaceful fish. You can check out this fish in action in the video below...

These fish can be bred in an aquarium fairly easily. Dalmatian Molly fish give birth to live fry about every two months or so under the right conditions. They normally product 12 or more young that are quite large, almost 1/2" long!

If you have any additional tips for the Dalmatian Molly please leave us a comment below.

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